The xolís, made with the best pork meats, takes its excellent qualities from the knowledge, transmitted from generation to generation, of the cansaladers of the pallars.

Meat and sausages

It is a cylindrical sausage, of a standard size of about 40 cm long. It is tied with a string at both ends. On the outside it is dark pink and the cut is reddish pink, sparkling white from the fat. The texture is compact and consistent. In the preparation, meats are used - thighs, shoulders, loin and cuts - which must be fresh and of the highest quality. The meats are crushed and seasoned with salt and pepper. It is mixed well and the resulting paste is stuffed into the pork's cular or semicular gut. It is then hung in the cold room for two or three days, so that it loses water. When those days have passed, they are hung in carts and taken to the cellar for a minimum of two months, where they have just dried. There are winemakers who, before hanging them in the cellar, extend them on top of a piece of clothing, with an iron with weight on top to press them. Others, on the other hand, hang them and press them by hand, one by one, little by little. They are pressed every two or three days and are shaped into eight.



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Complementary information

Xolís is one of the most emblematic sausages in Pallars. It is a by-product of slaughter, for the elaboration of which the noblest meats of pork were used. It was reserved for important celebrations and, above all, for the moments of maximum work in the fields. When they began to dry, they were arranged, underneath it was put a cloth to which wrinkles were made so that some pieces did not touch each other. On top of each xolís was a weight that could be a brick or a post with a few bricks on top of it, and so they were all pressed at the same time. In this way they took the shape that characterizes them and the meat was compacted more.

Attributes and nutritional properties

The artisan xolís is sold in the shops of the winemakers in the area, at fairs and markets and in local restaurants. Before, the xolís was eaten in thick cuts, fingers, on top of a piece of bread. Currently, it is eaten like any other sausage of its kind.