DO Terra Alta wine

DO Terra Alta wine

The production and production area of the DO Terra Alta (DOTA) is located in the south of Catalonia, between the River Ebro and the border with Aragonese lands, and includes the 12 municipalities of the Terra Alta region.

Drinks (wine, cava, spirits, beers)

Due to its location, the viticultural vocation of its terroir and the cultural practices developed by its people, Terra Alta is a typically Mediterranean wine-growing region and is considered the kingdom of White Grenache. Terra Alta has a high landscape value that has led it to be recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. With an altitude of the vineyards above sea level that varies from 350 to 500 meters, it is a spectacular landscape typical of the inland Mediterranean. The vineyard is grown on terraces, often natural, with various slopes or on terraces. The soil is generally medium textured, with good drainage, variable depth, rich in limestone and very poor in organic matter.





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Complementary information

The conditions of the terroir favour the quality and expression of wine varieties of medium and late maturation. The predominance of traditional grape varieties is the other differentiating feature of viticulture in the DOTA and it is through Grenache that this fact becomes most evident, and especially through White Grenache. The fact is that 33% of the world's white Grenache is grown in Terra Alta and this percentage of the world's surface represents 75% of the production in Spain and 90% of the white Grenache in Catalonia. Garnacha Blanca, Garnacha Tinta and Hairy Grenache are the other predominant grape varieties. Together with macabeo, parellada and cariñena make up three quarters of the cultivated area.

Attributes and nutritional properties

The DO Terra Alta offers fine wines, distinguished by their strength and character. A Terra Alta takes root in calcareous soils, grows with the Mediterranean sun and is carefully made. The whites are pale wines, fresh aroma and a broad and balanced palate. They are mainly made with White Grenache. The importance of Grenache and a specific culture of understanding its production make these wines the ones that best express the terroir and culture of the DO Terra Alta, and makes them worthy of a specific guarantee distinction, the Terra Alta Garnatxa Blanca 100X100. The red wines stand out for their Mediterranean character, with high coloring intensity and predominance of fruit aromas. The uniqueness and quality is completed with 4 types of liqueur wines: natural sweet wines, misteles -white and red- and rancid wines, all obtained from Grenache grapes overripe by the natural action of the wax that blows during autumn. The particularities that can be seen in all the wines of the DO Terra Alta are clearly marked by this Mediterraneanness, and are, fundamentally, the predominance of traditional varieties, more expression in the mouth than on the nose, and a remarkable persistence in tasting.