Peach from Ribera d'Ebre - Gastroteca

Peach from Ribera d'Ebre Bresquilla, melicotó

The climate of Ribera d'Ebre allows the sweet fruit, and specifically the peach, to have an intense coloration and flavor and makes it ripen earlier than in other areas of the country. Benissanet and Miravet are the main production centres for this peach.

Fresh fruit

In Ribera d'Ebre, peach cultivation reaches 1,600 ha, and is characterized by the power of flavor and the more reddish color than usual. Peaches of various varieties are grown here: yellow pulp, white pulp, pavia and nectarines. The climate, marked by low temperatures in winter and high in spring and summer, makes the fruit ripen earlier than in other parts of the country and has a higher proportion of sugar, which characterize its taste and aroma. Currently, some of the peach producers in Ribera d'Ebre have adopted the integrated production form, certified by the Catalan Council for Integrated Production.



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Complementary information

The production of Delta peaches is intended for both the domestic market and exports, and is sold in greengrocers throughout Catalonia.

Attributes and nutritional properties

It is one of the sweetest but least caloric fruits. Its sugar content is low, although it may seem the opposite. It is rich in fiber and therefore improves intestinal transit. In its mineral composition, potassium and, in more discreet quantities, magnesium stand out. Its range of water-soluble vitamins is wide but does not highlight any in particular. On the other hand, it is a fruit very rich in carotenoids, an element that in the body is transformed into vitamin A, essential for vision, skin and mucous membranes, good hair condition and the functioning of the immune system. In addition, carotenes are powerful antioxidants.