Cóc de brossat

Coc de brossat

Originally from Tortosa, he has recently joined the sweet specialties of neighboring towns. This is a not very thick, creamy coke with a very mild taste.

Bread, cakes and sweets

It is made from a brioche paste made with olive oil, eggs, milk and sugar that, once cooked, is covered with a cottage cheese, preferably goat's milk, mixed with sugar, eggs and lemon peel, and gratin. It results in an elongated coke that is often decorated with pine nuts, raisins or almonds.



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Complementary information

It is sold throughout the year in the pastry shops and bakeries of the region, either in large whole pieces, individual pieces or in portions.

Attributes and nutritional properties

Litter coke is a product with a high energy content. It contains a large amount of fat, coming from its main ingredients, which are oil, eggs and dairy products. Of the litter, it is worth noting its high content of sodium, as well as calcium, which is essential for proper bone formation. In addition, it is also a good source of simple carbohydrates, from sugar. Its vitamin content is low, due to cooking processes.