Banyoles garlic

Banyoles garlic

Garlic cultivation has been strongly linked to the towns of Banyoles and Cornellà del Terri for several generations. Despite attempts to recover its production, the lack of mechanization and low profitability have made its cultivation a minority.

Vegetables and mushrooms

Banyoles garlic is medium-sized, but smaller than other varieties. The outer skin is reddish, and the skin of the grain is very thin. With white meat, it is not particularly aggressive in the mouth, which makes it very versatile in the kitchen. The garlic harvest begins around Saint John festivity and, once harvested, they are baked in herds of 25 units. The ripening point of the garlic and its resistance guarantee its preservation in a cool place almost all year round.



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Complementary information

It is sold on farms or in greengrocers and markets in the area, especially in Banyoles. We can find it in herds of 25 units, in bags with loose heads, or packaged with broken teeth.

Attributes and nutritional properties

Garlic is a vegetable used in our kitchen as a seasoning, on a regular basis but in a small amount; therefore, it is not an interesting food due to its nutritional value, but because of the therapeutic effects of a component it contains, alliine. It is recommended for infectious respiratory and digestive problems, as it is antibacterial and antiparasitic and also reduces blood pressure. There are also studies that show that garlic is a protector against cancer. All these therapeutic properties seem to be effective only raw.