Mas El Lladré

Carn i embotits: oví-cabrum, porcí, boví

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Mas El Lladré is a small farm based on the deep-rooted experience of a good diet of its herd with natural pastures to produce high quality milk that can be differentiated in the flavor of the products made later on the same farm. This production is limited in nature in order to preserve the exclusive attributes of the product. The elaboration and sale by us provide good traceability and completely reliable information for the final consumer. All this makes this our best tool to continue betting on tradition.

  • Les Llosses, Demarcació de Girona

    Mas El Lladré (Santa Maria de Matamala), 17512 Les Llosses

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  • Fairs and markets


  • Sant Ermengol Fair (October); at the Pantry Market and Wool Festival and Wedding (May)