Restaurant, Hotel

Address: C/ Sant Isidre, 98
City: Sant Carles de la Ràpita
Postal code: 43540
Comarca (local region): Montsià
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: 977 740 403
Fax: 977 740 014
E-mail address: info@llansolahotel.com
From 1-4pm and 8.30-11pm. Closed Sunday evenings and Monday midday.
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  • Llansola
  • Llansola
Author: Llansola

Shellfish cuisine and excellent service. Our dishes are made with only the best local produce and are sure to delight the most demanding of palates and surprise the most inquisitive. In a nutshell, our cuisine is replete with tastes and sensations, of which we recommend rice with lobster, rice 'a banda' (with fish), rice 'seixat' (browned rice with fish), rice with mantis shrimp and artichokes, and fresh fish from the coast, to name but a few.

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