El Celler de l´Àspic

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El Celler de l´Àspic
Address: C/ Miquel Barceló, 31
City: Falset
Postal code: 43730
Comarca (local region): Priorat
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: 977 831 246
Fax: 977 831 246
  • El Celler de l'Àspic
  • El Celler de l'Àspic
    • KM0 Restaurant - Slow Food
    • KM0 Restaurant - Slow Food

The Celler de l'Àspic restaurant is a place which prizes the quality and love of the food and wine of the Priorat region.


The cooking is catalan, and has it's roots in the Priorat region with touches of the Ebro Delta. The quality of the materials are a priority, we thus hope to satisfy our customers and engage their tastes.


The menu changes seasonally but the oustanding ones are the salads, the rice dishes, the fish from Sant Carles de la Ràpita, and the meat dishes of the area, which can all be enjoyed with the wines that we offer.


Finally we wish to point out the sweets, which toni bru makes to fit the meal and sweet wine which will accompany them. These wines are one of our specialities and are of all types and from different areas.

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