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Xarcuteria Cal Canco
Persons in charge: Jaume Camarasa and Pere Camarasa
Address: C/ Major, 4
City: Corbins
Postal code: 25137
Comarca (local region): Segrià
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: +34 973 190 157 / +34 606 453 905
Fax: +34 973 190 157
E-mail address: etbin@eresmas.com
Monday to Friday from 9.00 h to 13.30 h and from 17.00 h to 20.00 h. Saturdays from 9.00 h to 13.30 h.
  • Xarcuteria Cal Canco
  • Xarcuteria Cal Canco
Products you produce:
  • Fresh pork products ('Llonganissa' (dry-cured sausage), bacon,'botifarra' (Catalan pork sausage), etc)
  • Cured pork products (salty ham, streaked bacon, 'Fuet' (dry cured sausage) , etc.)
  • Cold cured pork products ('Llonganissa' (dry-cured sausage), 'Botifarra blanca' (boiled pork sausage) , 'Botifarra negra' (black pork sausage), etc.)
Commercialization and other points of sale

We sell direct at our operation throughout the year. We also sell to restaurants. You are welcome to visit our operation.

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