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Biocarn de la Segarra
Persons in charge: Jaume Massanés i Solé
Address: Mas d'en Jaume s/n
City: Biosca
Postal code: 25752
Comarca (local region): Segarra
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: +34 973 473 369 / +34 660 153 740
Fax: +34 973 473 369
By appointment (call beforehand).
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Products you produce:
Commercialization and other points of sale

We sell direct at our operation and to consumer cooperatives. We sell meat in 10-kg lots, all filleted, containing 3-4 steaks per bag with the corresponding name: entrecot [entrecote], solomillo [tenderloin], carne picada [mince], etc., all vacuum-packed.

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