Address: C/ Pujalt, 1 local 1
City: Barcelona
Postal code: 08033
Comarca (local region): Barcelonès
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: 936 670 449 / 669 413 687
E-mail address: info@kviures.com
From 8.00h to 20.00h
    • Organic Production CCPAE
    • Organic Production CCPAE

Kviures is a sustainable distribution network of organic products. Our challenge is to create a bond of trust and transparency between the organic producer and kitchen and catering professionals.

Kviures has created a catalog of high quality organic products and proximity: fruit and vegetables, wines, olive oil, bread, ham, beef, vegetables... A catalog intended for professional demands the highest quality and at the same time follow the development criteria of responsibility to the environment and to the health of people.

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