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Formatgeria Roura Soler
Address: C/ del Roure s/n
City: Sant Pau de Segúries
Postal code: 17860
Comarca (local region): Ripollès
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: 607 300 000
  • Formatgeria Roura Soler
Author: Formatgeria Roure Soler
    • Food artisanry
    • Food artisanry
    • Producte del Ripollès
    • Producte del Ripollès

Formatgeria Roura Soler is a small, traditional family business that began operating in the 90s. Initially it concentrated on producing cow's cheese, only using raw material of the finest quality, from one particular herd. Now they have expanded into hand-producing goat's and sheep's milk cheese.

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