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Embotits Eugeni
Address: C/ Sant Antoni, 9
City: Sant Joan les Fonts
Postal code: 17857
Comarca (local region): Garrotxa
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: 972 290 205
  • Embotits Eugeni
  • Embotits Eugeni
  • Embotits Eugeni
  • Embotits Eugeni
Author: Embotits Eugeni

Embotits Eugeni is a family company that has produced cured meats in the traditional manner since 1967. It is located in La Garrotxa, a county with a long tradition in the butcher and charcuterie trades.

The business began with a small butchery in the village of Sant Joan les Fonts. There was a workroom where they prepared the cured meats for the shop. Soon the fame of Ca l'Eugeni's cured meats spread throughout the county and that was how they began to sell to other butcher's shops in Olot and nearby.

Their commitment to quality and the artisanal tradition as well as customer service are features that define Embotits Eugeni. An exquisite bouquet allied with careful selection of raw materials are the key to our products' success.

You'll find us in carrer de Sant Antoni, in Sant Joan les Fonts, right in the heart of La Garrotxa Natural Park. We suggest you visit our beautiful village and take the chance to buy authentic La Garrotxa cured meats.

This Christmas we're preparing Christmas baskets containing handmade, traditional cold cuts.


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