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Centre Dietètic i Herboristeria Teresa Pons
Address: Carrer Gaietà Ventalló, 9
City: Mollet del Vallès
Postal code: 08100
Comarca (local region): Vallès Oriental
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: 935 702 829
E-mail address: info@saludteresapons.com
Monday to Saturday from 9.00h to 13.30h and 17.00h to 20.30h
  • Centre Dietètic i Herboristeria Teresa Pons
  • Centre Dietètic i Herboristeria Teresa Pons
  • Centre Dietètic i Herboristeria Teresa Pons

Over forty years we have everything you need if you want to eat healthy and environmentally friendly. Foods without sugar, no eggs, no lactose for those who need. The products Teresa Pons  are free of parabens and pesticides organic production, Km 0, not tested on animals, nor transgenicament, produced from raw material of 100% organic cultivation.

We do Natural therapies. Master Craftsmen of Herbalism and Natural Cosmetics, with exclusive products, with own patented formulations of dietary supplements and of health.

We are in the store in Mollet and http://saludteresapons.com

In addition of the products from the list we can find the following:

Sausages, burgers and vegetable croquettes tofu, seitan, millet. Biological legumes. Creams, vegetable soups organically grown. Tamari sauce, tahini and other natural seasonings. Wheat germ oil, linseed, sesame, hemp, coconut, all from first pressing. Bio apple vinegar. Cheese, butter, yogurt, kefir from vegetable milk . Bread, biscuits and cakes without eggs, no sugar, no gluten. Chocolate and cocoa without sugar from Casa Simon. Seeds and cereals ecologicals: chia, quinoa, fejol, sesame, oats, spelled. Pasta and flour ecological. Red rice, integral and ecological. Panela. Fructose. Jams, juices and sweets from fruit and plants, sugarfree. Cava sugarfree. Eggs from hens fed biologically. Biological cultivation teas and freeze-dried fruits-flowers to combine your taste.

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