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Celler Montblanc - Porta Comerç
Address: C/ Major, 82
City: Montblanc
Postal code: 43400
Comarca (local region): Conca de Barberà
Territory: Catalunya
Telephone: 977 861 216
Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00h to 13.15h and from 17.30h to 20.30h
  • Celler Montblanc - Porta Comerç
Products you sell:
  • Artisanal chocolate
  • Vermouth
  • Walnuts from Vimbodí i Poblet
  • Nuts

Pastry - Drugstore - Peasantry

These are the three motifs engraved in the front of the property, and they want to emphasize work and ancient crafts of the town of Montblanc, especially those related with our family.

Located at number 82 on the Major street, Porta Comerç - or Cal Pere Adroguernou, as known throughout the municipality-, is one of the oldest small businesses with uninterrupted activity of Catalunya. Founded as a bakery and drugstore in 1800, was the first store in Montblanc with showcase. The store has become a landmark not only for Montblanc citizens, but for many loyal customers of outside town. In 2006 he received an award as a centenarian commercial establishment awarded by Generalitat de Catalunya.

The shop has an online store called www.botigadevins.com where you'll find a selection of wines, champagnes and spirits. It is a new way to publicize the store and at the same time, to reach more customers.

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