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Can Rodoreda
Persons in charge: Esteve Rodoreda Lloreda, David Rodoreda Bellavista
Address: Can Rodoreda, Camí de Cal Toni
Postal code: 08520
Telephone: 938 496 650 687 799 847, 66
E-mail address:
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Information about your operation

We have an area of ​​2 hectares for growing 'ganxet' bean. We are located within the geographical area of the Appellation of Origin of the 'Ganxet' Bean and, therefore, we have the certification. We are also members of the Cooperativa Agraria del Vallès.

Products you produce:
Commercialization and other points of sale

We sell our beans throughout the year to shops, restaurants and canning companies. We offer the chance to visit our farm.

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