Escudella barrejada (Catalan meat stew)

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  • Escudella barrejada (Catalan meat stew)
  • 1/4 kg - Hen, cut up
  • 100 g - Pork belly
  • 2 - Marrow (soup) bones (veal or beef)
  • 200 g - Veal shank
  • Chicken or hen giblets
  • 200 g - Pig's head
  • 1/2 kg - Potatoes, chopped
  • 1 - Leek
  • 1 - Carrot
  • 1 - Turnip
  • 1/2 kg - Swiss chard
  • 100 g - Rice
  • 100 g - Coarse vermicelli noodles
  • 1 - Botifarra negra (black catalan sausage)
  • Water
  • Salt

Boil the bones with water in a pot for half an hour.

Add the hen, pork belly, pork head, veal shank and giblets, all cut in small pieces.

One hour later, add the vegetables.

Cook half an hour longer and add the rice and noodles.

Finish cooking and add the butifarra at the end.

Add garbanzos or other beans when boiling the bones, or add pre-cooked legumes just at the end.

Use morcilla (blood sausage) instead of butifarra negra.

Use galets (shell pasta) or rice instead of vermicelli noodles.
Add a mixture of chopped garlic and saffron.

May be made with pig's head and salted pig's feet.


Category: Soups and creams.
Source: Corpus Culinari Català
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