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The unique geography of the Priorat, with its steep banks and slated terraces where fertility is low and cultivation a challenge, bestows a unique character on the wines from this Quality Designation of Origin. The climate is harsh, extreme and very dry, with sharp temperature changes between night and day. Annual rainfall is around 500 to 700mm, which, in combination with the features already mentioned, suits the cultivation of robust black grape varieties.

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Wines from the Priorat come from a very low-yield crop of grapes and undergo long fermentation and full maceration. The main wines produced are reds (which are full-bodied, dense and persistent) from the Carignane (the grape that brings most character to these wines), Garnatxa Negra and Peluda, and, to a lesser extent Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. The white wines (produced on smaller scale and mature and penetrating) are made from Garnatxa Blanca, Macabeu and Pedro Ximénez. Dry and semi-dry rosé wines are also made from Garnatxa Negra, in addition to aged wines that are golden in colour and warm on the palate, and fortified and sweet wines. ‘Crianza' wines must be aged for two years, at least one of which must be in oak, whilst aged wines spend at least four years in oak. The surface area cultivated is 1,600ha and the yield 15,000hl.



Category: Wine and cava (champagne).
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Many of the QDO Priorat wines are exported abroad but they can be easily found in wine shops throughout Catalonia.

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