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Viticulture in the Terra Alta has an ancient tradition and its production is publicly recognized by the Terra Alta Designation of Origin since 1982. The production area of Terra Alta is the most southern of the Catalan wine industry and is located south west of Catalonia, between the Ebro River and the border with Aragon. For its situation, the suitability for wine of their homeland and cultural practices developed by its people, the DO Terra Alta is a typical Mediterranean wine region.

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Red wines from this DO are made with three varieties - Maçola, Garnatxa Negra and Garnatxa Peluda, although Carignane and Ull de Llebre are also used. Whites come from Garnatxa Blanca, the most cultivated variety, and Macabeu. Dry and sweet fortified wines are also produced, most notably aged wines made from Garnatxa Blanca, of which the dry wines spend at least five years in oak barrels and the sweet wines at least two.

1660 wine growers take up the tradition of the area, around 6,500 hectares of vines grow and produce an annual average of 6,000 kg of grapes per hectare. In total there are 43 registered wineries in Terra Alta.

Category: Wine and cava (champagne).
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The Terra Alta wines are distributed and sold to wineries throughout Catalonia.

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