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Valls 'calšot'

The fact that these onions are traditionally eaten at popular gatherings (known as a Ĺcalšotada' ) has made them a central part of Catalan festive traditions and the object of a social event in itself. ĹCalšot' are mainly grown in the Tarragona region and are eaten in season (November to April) at gastronomic events which have become a local tourist attraction.

  • Valls 'calçot'
  • Valls 'calçot'
  • Valls 'calçot'
  • Valls 'calçot'
    • PGI Valls Calçot (Scallions)
    • PGI Valls Calçot (Scallions)
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    • Produce

The name Ĺcalšot' comes from the way they are cultivated: the white onion shoots are replanted and successively covered over with soil as they grow, an action known in Catalan as Ĺcalšar' (to wedge). The result is a tender white shoot around 15 to 25cm long that has a sweet, strong taste. The calšots protected by the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) are the Blanca Gran Tardana variety.

Category: Vegetables.
Characteristic of: Alt Camp, Baix Camp, Baix Penedès, Tarragonès
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They are sold in bundles of 25 to 50 that are tied up with marked tape bearing a numbered label that must be approved by the Board (Consell). In addition to the current legal requirements, the label must bear the name 'Calšot de Valls. Indicaciˇ GeogrÓfica Protegida' and the PGI logotype. They are sold in greengrocers, particularly in the production area, when they are in season.

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