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Tortell de Rams

In Catalan tradition the godfather gives his godchildren a ‘tortell' ('O' shaped cake) to mark a special occasion. In some regions it was when the child had recited the Christmas verse (‘Tortell de Reis', or Kings's cake'), and in others it was at Easter, when the palm was blessed (hence the name ‘Tortell de Rams' or 'Palm cake').

The tortell is a very important part of Catalan cuisine that is eaten at various festive celebrations throughout the year. This tradition is still alive today, although the mona de pasqua has now overtaken it in popularity. The Tortell de Rams is a large 'O' shaped cake decorated with crystallized fruit and filled with marzipan.

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: Osona, Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà, Garrotxa, Gironès, Pla de l'Estany, Selva
Complementary information:

It is sold in patisseries and at fairs such as the Bàscara Tortell Fair, which is held every year in this town.

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