Torró de crema (cream nougat)

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Torró de crema (cream nougat)

This is a very popular handmade ‘torró' which is most eaten around Christmas, all over Catalonia.

  • Torró de crema (cream nougat)
  • Torró de crema (cream nougat)
  • Torró de crema (cream nougat)
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    • Produce

To be classed as an artisanal product it must not contain any artificial additives and include the following ingredients: ground almond, sugar, egg yolk, lemon, oranges and vanilla pod. It is therefore basically made from marzipan and sugar and is firm and yellow on the inside with a burnt sugar exterior, giving it its unique taste and appearance.

Category: Chocolate and sweets.
Complementary information:

It is widely distributed in artisanal patisseries throughout Catalonia.

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