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Spelt bread

Spelt is an ancient cereal, believed to be the origin of all wheat varieties produced today. Demand for spelt-based products has suddenly rocketed due to the nutritional properties of this cereal. In nutritional terms, spelt causes fewer allergies than wheat, but as it also contains gluten it can not be eaten by coeliacs.

  • Spelt bread
  • Spelt bread
  • Spelt bread
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Spelt bread is usually made into large loaves although it can also be found as sliced or round loaves. It is made with spelt flour and poolish starter dough from the same flour as the recipe. This bread has slow, gentle fermentation. It can be eaten with cured sausage, goat's and sheep's cheese and all type of stews.

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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Available from some artisanal bakeries and also packaged in organic food stores.

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