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Secallona / somalla

‘Somalla' and ‘secallona' are synonymous terms. They are dry-cured sausages that belong to the same family as ‘llonganissa' and ‘fuet'. The name ‘somalla' refers to the way it looks - ‘somall' meaning semi-dry. The term ‘secallona' denotes its withered or dried appearance.

  • Secallona / somalla
  • Secallona / somalla

It is made from lean pork, generally seasoned with salt and ground pepper and encased in the small intestine of the pig. With regard to appearance, the secallona (and the somalla) are long and, unlike fuet, usually have an indentation running through the middle and are encased in dry intestine, usually without surface mould. Once the ends have been tied they are left to rest on a table for a few days and poked every so often to create the indentation. They are usually ready to eat within about ten days, depending on the micro-climate of the area.

Category: Sausages.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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It is sold in all charcuteries all over Catalonia.

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