Sabres de Sant Simó (Saint Simon's sabres)

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Sabres de Sant Simó (Saint Simon's sabres)

This is a traditional cake from Mataró which is eaten on the 28th of October, Saint Simon's Day - the town's second festival. The sailors of Mataró sought protection from Saint Simon from storms, periods of scant catches and even pirate attacks. The custom of eating ‘sabres de Sant Simó' is still very much alive in this town.

  • Sabres de Sant Simó (Saint Simon's sabres)
Author: Departament d'Agricultura, Alimentació i Acció Rural
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Part of the liturgy of the celebrating Saint Simon's Day in Mataró is purchasing one of these sabre-shaped cakes. They are filled with marzipan and topped with pieces of crystallized fruit and icing sugar. In the past the cake seems to have had the same unique shape but was made with honey and almonds, and called a torrat.

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: Mataró
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It is sold almost exclusively on Saint Simon's Day on the stalls set up by the local patisseries in front of the Church of Saint Simon in Mataró.

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