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Rosita is an artisanal beer made in Tarragona. It is manufactured with artisanal brewing products - water, malted barley, hops, yeast, honey and sugar. No preservatives or products that may alter its organoleptic qualities are used.  

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Rosita is a blonde beer with a fine, elegant sparkle, some density in the glass, a white head with ivory tones that is creamy and constant, and good persistence. Due to the presence of yeasts from the second fermentation, it clouds. Its smell is very fruity, with good persistence of the grain, notes of banana and red apple, and hints of molasses and a toasted taste that is highly subtle and complex. To taste it is sweet and slippery at first, becoming dense and thick and revealing its full aromatic and taste volume. This is when the notes of roasted grain and hints of honey and ripe fruit take on their maximum splendour. It has good acidity which means that it is not too heavy in the mouth and can be enjoyed in all its complexity. The finish is elegant, slightly bitter and balsamic but very subtle, leaving the mouth clean, light and very fresh. Optimally served at 6º to 8 ºC. Matching: ideal as an aperitif. Its subtle bitterness and fruitiness make it ideal for foods that are not easily matched: green asparagus, artichokes, salads, grilled vegetables and snails (in sauce, boiled, baked in the pan, etc.). It goes well with white meat and oily fish.

Category: Beer.
Characteristic of: Tarragona
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Sold in 33cl bottles with crown caps.

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