Reus ‘menjar blanc’ (blancmange)

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Reus ‘menjar blanc’ (blancmange)

‘Menjar blanc' is an ancient product that is mentioned in the 'Llibre de Sent Soví', written in the 14th century. Found in the Tarragona region, in the city of Reus it has become a typical winter dessert.

  • Reus ‘menjar blanc’ (blancmange)
Author: Departament d'Agricultura, Alimentació i Acció Rural
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It is a sweet pudding, resembling a white créme caramel, made from blanched almonds, rice flour, lemon rind, cinnamon and salt. Its consistency is soft and light.

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: Reus
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It is sold in patisseries in Reus and neighbouring towns.

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