Recuit(cottage cheese)

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Recuit(cottage cheese)

This product is made with pasteurised goat's milk from local dairy farms and curdled with vegetable or animal rennet. In the past it was traditionally made in livestock farmhouses. It was first commercially produced 16 years ago. Nowadays, it is produced in various parts of the Empordà, particularly around La Bisbal, in keeping with the traditional recipe.

  • Recuit(cottage cheese)

It is a type of fresh cheese made from pasteurised goat's milk that is curdled (with herbacol) or animal rennet (industrial), drained to remove the whey and pressed, before being stored in a cold chamber. Made all year round.

Category: Cheeses and dairy products.
Characteristic of: Alt Empordà
Complementary information:

Usually made by the same producer. It is also sold in local butchers and restaurants. Sold in terrines of around 100g or wrapped in a cloth.

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