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Rabbit with the 'Q' Quality Stamp

Having suffered a major slump in the 1990s, Catalan rabbit breeding is once again on the up in numerous areas.

  • Rabbit with the 'Q' Quality Stamp
    • Q Mark
    • Q Mark

Rabbits that have the ‘Q' certificate must weigh 1 - 1.5kg and be bred on farms exclusively devoted to rabbits. The process and fodder formula are controlled from start to finish and the animals are slaughtered with a live weight of 1.750 - 2.250kg. They must not have been administered any kind of medication during the 20 days prior to slaughter.

Category: Meats.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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The rabbits sold are given the Quality Stamp when presented whole, whole cut into quarters and halves, sliced from top to bottom and as various cuts (shoulder, thighs and loin). They can be bought from butchers all over Catalonia.

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