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Pyrenees freshwater trout

This fish is a traditional part of the diet for the people of the Pyrenees as it was once found in abundance in the streams that flow into the Segre and Noguera rivers. Nowadays, most of these Salmonidae are reared in fish farms as stocks have decreased along with the destruction of part of their habitat, although in recent years much work has been done to recover them.

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The autochthonous variety of trout is the brown trout (Salmo trutta fario), a slim-bodied fish that is greenish in colour with red and black spots, which likes to spawn in the gravel in the clean parts of rivers. Numbers of this species are now increasing, probably due to involuntary repopulation from fish farms, from where fish often escape. However, the most common species of trout is the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mikiss), which originally came from America and was imported into Europe in around 1880.


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Characteristic of: Pallars Sobirà
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It is sold fresh in season in some fishmongers in the Pyrenees.

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