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Puigcerdà pears

Pears are a sweet fruit with a long history in Puigcerdà - as early as the Middle Ages they were one of the town's quality products. With production having been on the decline for many years, almost entirely limited to self-supply, it is once again rising. The sudden thermal variations in the area enhance the taste quality of these pears, particularly the late harvest varieties.

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The variety of pear grown in Puigcerdà is the Doyenné de Comice, which is harvested in the autumn, from the first week of October onwards. It is a large variety with smooth green skin that has red colourings on from the sun and the flesh is juicy and sweet.


Category: Fresh fruit.
Characteristic of: Puigcerdà
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Almost the entire crop is sold by greengrocers in Puigcerdà and a small proportion is sold on the domestic market.

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