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Arenys de Mar hard clam

Although this mollusc is fished at various sites along the Catalan coast, particularly around the Maresme, it is the fish market in Arenys where most catches are to be found. In recent years the hard clam population has decreased to alarming levels.

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Also known as petxina lluenta, petxinot de sang and cloïsa d'Arenys, the scientific name of this mollusc is Callista chione. In Catalan its name translates as 'shiny clam', in reference to its bright brown shell and clam shape. Its flesh is whitish and firm, with a pleasant flavour. The legal minimum legal size for sale is 29mm and the maximum 11cm. The amount caught is approximately 200,000kg each year.


Category: Fish and seafood.
Characteristic of: Arenys de Mar
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It is sold fresh by fishmongers in Arenys de Munt and is also distributed to the domestic market through the Arenys fish market.

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