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Rice has been cultivated in Pals since the 15th century, most probably having been brought to the region by Arabs from Valencia. In the late 18th century landowners tried to clamp down on rice cultivation in an attempt to eradicate the diseases that it entailed at the time. It was not until 1900 that permission was granted for it to be planted. The unique climate in the rice growing region of Pals gives rise to a high quality end product. It enables the grain to mature for longer than in areas with a lower latitude, making it more resistant when cooked.

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All of the rice producers in the EmpordÓ region (22 producers) are members of the Agrupaciˇ de Defensa Vegetal de l'Arr˛s de Pals (Pals Rice Plant Defence Association).

The surface area used for cultivation is currently 714ha, spread over the following areas:

- Alt EmpordÓ: Castellˇ d'Emp˙ries (74.67 ha)

- Baix EmpordÓ: including the municipalities of Pals, Torroella de MontgrÝ, Bellcaire d'EmpordÓ, Palau-sator, Gualta and Fontanilles (639.33 ha).

Nowadays, the varieties most grown in the region are the Tebre and the traditional Bahia. Other varieties that are also cultivated to a lesser extent are the Loto, Bomba, Carnaroli, Nembo and Gleva. The average yield is around 6,000 kg/ha.


Rice cultivation in Pals follows agro-environmental guidelines in order to make it compatible with bird protection and to minimise the impact of phytosanitary treatments, utilizing biological control techniques to protect the wildlife and aquatic organisms.

Category: Rice, cereals and legumes.
Characteristic of: Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà
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Complementary information:

Pals rice is of an extremely high quality. There are currently two local companies that grow, package and produce Pals rice: Arr˛s Estany de Pals i Arr˛s MolÝ de Pals S.L. The rice is packaged according to variety or grain type in plastic packets or cloth sacks in weights of 0.5, 1.5, 10, 25 and 50kg. All carry the ĹProduct of the EmpordÓ' stamp and the Pals rice stamp and can be bought all over the region in specialist shops.

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