Pa de pagès (country loaf)

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Pa de pagès (country loaf)

This bread is handmade using traditional methods and baked in a refractory oven.

  • Pa de pagès (country loaf)
  • Pa de pagès (country loaf)
  • Pa de pagès (country loaf)
  • Pa de pagès (country loaf)
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It is a rustic round loaf, baked in a shaped tin, containing wheat flour, water, salt and starter dough. It has a generous crumb and thick crust. The body of the bread is dense and rich in flavour, and it can be kept for several days providing that it is bought unsliced. It is the classic bread to be eaten with tomato rubbed into it (pa amb tomàquet).

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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Sold in loaves from half a kilo to two kilos in many bakeries in Catalonia.

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