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Organic potatoe

The increasingly growing demand of organic products has raised some organic farmers producing this tuber of basic consume, adapting its culture to the regulations of Organic Agricultural Production.

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The potato, introduced from the Americas during the sixteenth century, is the fruit of potato plant, herbaceous plant that can make a meter high. His skin is brown and the flesh is whitish-yellow, consistent with a mild taste. Organic potatoes are grown without herbicides, pesticides or any chemical synthesis. Only use organic fertilizers and natural minerals and nitrogen fertilization limits, nor are authorized GM varieties. The potato harvest takes place depending on the variety and production area. The potato is a product of long-life if kept in a cool place, so that we can find almost throughout the year. You can check the characteristics of such crops on the website of the Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production, the establishment responsible for checking and certifying the product in Catalonia.

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Can be found in shops and market stalls specialized in organic products, as well as consumer cooperatives.

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