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Ordal peach

The Ordal peach is grown in Subirats and has outstanding aromatic and taste qualities.

  • Ordal peach
  • Ordal peach
  • Ordal peach
  • Ordal peach
  • Ordal peach

The high value of these peaches is the outcome of two very important factors that are not found elsewhere. One is the calcareous soil typical of this municipality and the other is that the crop is dry farmed, giving it a fragrance and taste that cannot be matched by other varieties. In addition to these two factors, the fruit is harvested when it is at its optimum maturity, making the Ordal peach renowned for its excellent aromatic and taste qualities. The Ordal peach is harvested between the start of June and mid-August.

Category: Fresh fruit.
Characteristic of: Subirats
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It is sold, in season, in greengrocers in Subirats and neighbouring towns.

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