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Olot 'tortell'

The Olot ‘tortell' (an 'O' shaped cake), made with aniseed or anise, is a typical sweet that can still be found in some bakeries in Olot.

  • Olot 'tortell'
  • Olot 'tortell'

The origin of this cake comes from the legacy that the Jews left in Catalonia. Although the original recipe is not known, the Olot aniseed cake is made from a mixture of flour, eggs and sugar and is plaited. However, it is the aniseed that gives it its unique taste, sure to leave no palate indifferent. This is a dense cake usually eaten with some kind of beverage, such as Ratafia, which makes an excellent accompaniment.

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: Olot
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It is sold in some bakeries in the town of Olot.

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