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Oily fish with the 'Q' Quality Stamp

The species of oily fish caught off the Catalan coast and covered by this certificate are: sardine, anchovy, mackerel, chub mackerel, bogue and horse mackerel.

  • Oily fish with the 'Q' Quality Stamp
    • Q Mark
    • Q Mark

In order to obtain the ‘Q' Quality Stamp these fish must measure at least: sardine, 12cm; anchovy, 11cm; mackerel, 18cm; chub mackerel cm; bogue, 11cm; horse mackerel, 12cm. The fish must be caught with a seine no longer than 300 metres. The fish are kept alive in the net until they are packed two by two into boxes of crushed ice.

Category: Fish and seafood.
Characteristic of: Baix Camp, Baix Ebre, Tarragonès
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They are sold by fishmongers throughout Catalonia, in disposable rectangular boxes made of an authorized material and with a maximum capacity of 6kg.

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