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Rafael Margalef Bertomeu has been cultivating rice since 1935. Drawing on his experience in the sector, in 1945 he built a wooden mill that he named the "Collitapròpia". The Margalef brothers, who are the second generation, have continued this same production process for the last 60 years, making rice with premium culinary properties. This rice has an exceptional flavour and requires less cooking than normal. Some of the varieties they offer are the Bomba and brown Bomba and the Marisma and brown Marisma. They are now the only rice growers in the Ebre delta to use a wooden mill and traditional, artisanal techniques.

  • Molí de Rafelet rice
  • Molí de Rafelet rice
  • Molí de Rafelet rice
Author: R. Margalef

The rice is harvested in mid-September and then dried naturally on a flat concrete surface in the sun. Once dry it is cleaned using a winnower and is then put into 1,000kg sacks. The rice is then taken to the mill where it is cleaned again and hulled in order to remove the chaff, resulting in brown rice. Next the rice is whitened using a traditional emery roller mill, and the split grains are then separated from the whole grains by a ‘béser' or traditional colander. Lastly, they are packaged into small cloth sacks that are sewn up by hand. It is this artisanal process along with the quality of the rice that make this product so special.

Characteristic of: Deltebre
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Packaged in hand-sewn cloth sacks of various sizes and vacuum packed in order to fully preserve all properties.

This rice is farm-produced on a small scale. It is sold in the mill shop and can also be found in specialist stores.


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