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Mantis shrimp

The mantis shrimp, Squilla mantis, is commercially fished in the Mediterranean around the mouths of its largest rivers. It can be found along the entire Catalan coastline although the best quality come from the Ebre delta.

  • Mantis shrimp
  • Mantis shrimp

The mantis shrimp is an excellent source of high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals. Unlike other crustaceans it is low in calories and easy to digest. Its meat is delicate and rich in flavour, making it easy to cook. It can either be boiled in salted water or grilled on a metal plate with a pinch of salt and a drizzle of good olive oil and is ideal for making soups or stock for rice or other cooked dishes. The largest number is caught in the Ebre delta area. In Catalonia their average size is from CL=29-30mm. January is the month when the mantis shrimp has most meat and eggs, although they can be found at fish markets and fishmongers from winter until spring.

Category: Fish and seafood.
Characteristic of: Baix Ebre, Montsià
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