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Lleida pear

This protected designation of origin covers the varieties Llimonera, Blanquilla and Conference of the species Pyrus communis L. In the area of the protected designation of origin this prestigious sweet fruit is grown using environmentally-friendly techniques such as Integrated Production. In the spring production areas the Llimonera is harvested around early July; the Blanquilla during the first week of August, and the Conference in mid August.

  • Lleida pear
  • Lleida pear
  • Lleida pear
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    • PDO Lleida Pears
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The characteristics of the land and rainfall in Lleida, in addition to the painstaking cultivation and selection process in the protected designation of origin give these pears even greater taste qualities, generally making them sweeter and juicier. The classification and packaging of the pears depends on the variety: the Blanquilla is packaged by hand whereas machines are used for the rest. Fruits to be sold fresh at the market are firstly cleaned, then selected (only those in the extra and first categories are sold) and finally packaged. Fruits to be put into cold storage are packaged onto palettes and stored after undergoing a post-harvest treatment if necessary. When the pears are taken out of storage the same procedures as used on fresh fruit are carried out.

Category: Fresh fruit.
Characteristic of: Garrigues, Noguera, Pla d'Urgell, Segrià, Urgell
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Distributed both on the domestic market and abroad, the entire process, from the production to labelling is carried out within the defined geographical area, in order to safeguard the quality of the product. The pears covered by this protected designation of origin are sold in packages of a standard format and graphic design that are authorised by the Regulatory Board. The name 'Denominació d'Origen Protegida 'Pera de Lleida', the specific logotype and the community logotype must be clearly stated on the label. These pears are found in most greengrocers throughout Catalonia.

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