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Lamb with the 'Q' Quality Stamp

The lambs covered by this certificate can come from the farm where they are born and fattened (in which case the label states 'xai ramat'), or they can be fattened at a different farm ('xai d'engreix'). The controlled conditions in both cases ensure the production of premium quality meat.

  • Lamb with the 'Q' Quality Stamp
    • Q Mark
    • Q Mark

'Xai remat' is fed exclusively on top quality fodder (in addition to straw and forage) and maternal milk. In the case of 'xai d'engreix', the animal must have been brought to the farm aged between four and seven weeks, and the fattening period (only with top quality fodder) must last at least 30 days. The meat from these lambs is tastier and cooks better due to its consistency.


Category: Meats.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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The carcases are sold in butchers, correctly certified for all types of presentation: whole, in pieces (thigh, shoulder and rib, preferentially), or filleted and packaged.

Found all over Catalonia.

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