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Integrated Production oil

It comes from trees grown under the regulations of the Integrated Production and highlights their taste and aroma.

  • Integrated Production oil
    • Produce from integrated farming
    • Produce from integrated farming

In this sense it departs from the usual concepts of the organoleptic assessment of extra virgin olive oil, reducing the bitterness and a spicy sweet spot that promotes the appreciation of fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables that appear in testing. The olives are ground by a granite roller blades and then by breaking and homogenize the paste. Once beaten, it is separated (by centrifugation) in two stages and stored at 20 º C in stainless steel tanks.

Category: Oil, olives and by-products.
Characteristic of: Garrigues, Noguera, Priorat, La Palma d'Ebre
Seasonal calendar
Complementary information:

Can be found in specialty stores throughout Catalonia. During the months of January and February you get the first pressed oil, but is a product that is preserved and marketed throughout the year.

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