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Husked wheat

Husked wheat is a product typical to the Berguedà region, although historically it has been cultivated far less so than husked corn.

  • Husked wheat
  • Husked wheat
  • Husked wheat
  • Husked wheat
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This crop has the same uses as the more popular corn on the cob. Dishes using husked or cracked cereals have long been made throughout the Mediterranean. The husk is removed in special mills known as threshing machines. With the introduction of rice cultivation by the Arabs, rice replaced wheat as a crop that is not milled. However, in inland Catalonia where production was impossible and trade scant because of poor transport links, husked wheat was still a staple product for the less wealthy until very recently. Nevertheless, in the Berguedà region it is still eaten, though now out of choice rather than obligation.

Category: Rice, cereals and legumes.
Characteristic of: Berguedà
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It is sold in some local stores.

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