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Fesol de Santa Pau

Santa Pau beans, grown in the volcanic soil near to this town, are of the species Phaseolus vulgaris, specifically the Tavella Grisa variety. Grown for many years for self-subsistence only, today they are highly valued for their delicate flavour and rapid cooking time.

  • Fesol de Santa Pau
  • Fesol de Santa Pau
  • Fesol de Santa Pau
  • Fesol de Santa Pau
Author: gastroteca.cat

These are small, rounded beans with a very fine skin. Once cooked they are full of flavour and have a very fine texture which is very soft and not at all floury. They are usually sown from the first week of June to the second half of July, and harvested in September.

Category: Rice, cereals and legumes.
Characteristic of: Santa Pau
Complementary information:

Sold packaged or cooked in specialist shops around Catalonia, above all close to the production areas.

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