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The oil of the Empordā is a quality oil made from autochthonous varieties such as the Argudell, Corivell or  Verdal, and Arbequines. There is a long tradition of oil production in this area, where the Tramuntana wind makes it necessary to harvest the olives by hand when they are not yet fully ripe. The towns that are included in the protected designation of origin fall within the regions of the Alt Empordā and the Baix Empordā, in addition to some around Girona (Viladesens, Sant Jordi Desvalls, Flaįā, Madremanya and Llagostera) and the Pla de l'Estany (Crespiā, Esponellā and Vilademuls).

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The oil of this protected designation of origin is fruity, aromatic and tends to sweeten upon aging, with a spicy hint at the end of the palate. Virgin oils, which are very clear after filtering, have a maximum acidity of 0.8ē.

Category: Oil, olives and by-products.
Characteristic of: Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà
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This oil is produced and sold by oil mills around the Alt and the Baix Empordā, and it can be found in specialist shops throughout Catalonia.

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