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Empordà 'bunyols' (doughnuts), bunyols de l'Empordà, bunyols de Quaresma

These ‘bunyols' are most often eaten during Lent, particularly on Good Friday, and are traditionally made in farmhouses in the region. They can be kept for several days, gradually getting denser and, for some, richer in flavour.

  • Empordà 'bunyols' (doughnuts)
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The main ingredients are flour, water or milk, baker's yeast, salt, aniseed, lard, olive oil or butter, lemon, eggs, sugar and anise or Garnatxa. The mixture is first made into a dough which is left to rest before being shaped into little doughnuts and fried in olive or vegetable oil. Lastly, sugar is sprinkled on top. They are most often shaped into inflated rings, rather like a squashed ball. In texture they are compact to dense and they can be identified from their hint of aniseed.

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà
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These bunyols are sold in abundance by confectioners in patisseries around the Empordà. Some establishments and makers of Empordà bunyols are certified to use the ‘Products of the Empordà' label.


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