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Ebre delta eel

This fish has always been a regular catch from the Ebre delta and is one of the basic ingredients of the unique local gastronomy. It has also been made into a tinned fish: the ‘xapadillo'.

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Eels are fish with a very long, cylindrical body covered in small scales that have a slippery, mucous surface which is brown or greenish. They are a migratory species that can exist in both saline and fresh water. Young eels, known as elvers, measure no more than 10cm though as adults they can grow up to 80cm. Their flesh is firm and they have a distinctive taste.

Category: Fish and seafood.
Characteristic of: Baix Ebre, Montsià
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Eels are sold locally in tins, when they are known as xapadillos, and fresh at markets and fishmongers.

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