Cod came to Catalonia in the 16th century and was soon a widely eaten fish, not least because it is easy to salt and preserve. It is therefore part of Catalonia's culinary heritage both on the coast (mostly eaten fresh) and inland.

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The Gadus morhua species, captured in the waters of the north Atlantic is eaten both fresh and is well suited to the salting process. Firstly, it is gutted, cleaned and fully opened to dry in the open. It is then pressed and put into brine in which it can be preserved for a long time. Before being rehydrated to remove the high salt content it looks rigid and white and is flecked with salt powder. In this state it has a very strong taste which diminishes the more it is rinsed in water to remove the brine.

Category: Fish and seafood.
Characteristic of: All of CataloniaCatalunya
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It is sold as salted fish (either whole or in pieces) in cod merchants and shops specialising in salted fish all over Catalonia.

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