Coca de samfaina (ratatouille and sardine pastry)

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Coca de samfaina (ratatouille and sardine pastry), coca de recapte

This is the most popular of the ‘coques de recapte' (ratatouille, sardine, bacon and black pudding pastries) that are made around Catalonia, although those made in western Catalonia are most famed.

  • Coca de samfaina (ratatouille and sardine pastry)
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Firstly, the standard coca base is made from water, salt and flour. Next, the dough is rolled out as thinly as possible onto a metal tray. Four pieces of salted, filleted sardine are then placed at each edge and pieces of courgette, aubergine, red pepper, green pepper, onion, garlic and parsley are then scattered all over. This is seasoned with salt and pepper and baked in the oven for twenty minutes. Finally, a little olive oil is drizzled over the top.

Category: Bread and pastry.
Characteristic of: Garrigues, Noguera, Pallars Jussà, Pla d'Urgell, Segarra, Segrià, Urgell
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It is sold in artisan bakeries.

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